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The 380th Judicial District Court presides over criminal felony, family, and civil cases in Collin County, Texas.

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Todd Shapiro, Attorney

Judge Smith is the Gold Standard of The Collin County Judiciary. He is the best we have, equally respected by both prosecutors and defense attorneys. Hard working, dependable, fair, and compassionate are just a few of the many wonderful attributes he brings to the 380th Judicial DIstrict Court.  Judge Smith is an irreplaceable asset for the citizens of Collin County, and I am proud to support and endorse such a fine public servant. 

Bob Hultkrantz, Attorney

A great, fair, honest, even tempered Judge!!!! He needs to be re-elected!!

Darlina Crowder, Attorney

Judge Smith has delivered what he promised Collin County citizens since the day he first got elected.  He has continued his long record and reputation of excellent character and integrity. He has impeccable judicial temperament.  He is firm when needed, yet his heart is full of compassion and humility. I can truly say electing Judge Smith was the best decision Collin County citizens ever made.